Page Design & Configuration

Setting up your online store using ShopFront Builder is as simple as selecting a theme and adding your products. In the event you would like to have more control over the content of each page that appears in your store, you can use the in-built WYSIWUG (What you see is what you get) visual editor to modify pages by adding text, images & animation. If you would to add input fields for customers to enter information in generating a quote or order, you can simply select a control type and add it to the page.

Process Configuration

If you require customers to go through steps in ordering or quoting for products (e.g. t-shirt customisations, manufacturing details, etc...), simply organise the sequence of each page that will appear in a series of steps using the graph editor. In minutes you'll have your complete ordering process set-up and ready for customers to log in and use.

Scripting and Advanced Costing

ShopFront Builder allows you to assign retail costs to each product/SKU in your online catalogue, with customised discounts and relevant taxes per geographic region. For more advanced costings (such as with configure to order products), you can type in your own formulas and assign them to 1 or more product ranges. In addition, you can leverage the powerful scripting technology to interface to other systems for the purposes of costing.


Customised dashboards allow you to track footfall in your web store in the form of visitor statistics and combine this with eCommerce data to review improvements in ordering and quotation requests period by period. Multiple views can be set-up to provide you with a quick and best possible analysis of the success of your store.

Products and Services

Products/SKUs can be uploaded in bulk by spreadsheet or maintained individually within the ShopFront Builder administrative panel. All aspects of a product are within your control, from similar SKUs, descriptions, pricing, delivery, images, featured content and more. You can also control and maintain the following data points from the same control panel:
  • Customers - Customer specific access can be granted with customised costings and store views
  • Orders - All orders are recorded and maintained with a status to clearly show paid, shipping, awaiting delivery information
  • Quotes - Quotations show all requests made by customers and whether they've been transformed into an order
  • Localisation - The whole store front can support multiple languages to allow you to expand and reach a maximum customer base
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