Instantly accept Orders

Allow orders to be placed by guest and logged in users

Orders can be placed in a matter of a few clicks using your preferred payment gateway. Notifications are sent immediately to you by email and recorded in your administrative control panel


Use any method or formula to calculate costings for your quotes with simple and powerful scripting.

Accepting Orders

Immediately accept orders through your preferred payment gateway. Order management and tracking is supported for both site administrators and customers.

Configurable pages

Set up your own ordering process for each product listed on your store website. Order pages can include any fields and text required to support your ordering/quotation procedures.

Generate Quotations

Quickly generate quotes for your customers

Shopfront Builder allows you to set up a quick and efficient set of steps to generate quotes and convert them to orders

Step-by-step process

Set up as many or as few steps as you require to gather sufficient information to generate a quote. Quotes can be generated immediately or emailed later to prospective customers.

Upload of data

Both manual upload of data through input text boxes/drop down boxes and file upload is supported by ShopFront Builder.


Leverage our webservice functionality

Have orders, quotations and customer data published to your internal systems using the ShopFront Builder webservice technology.

ERP Integration

Configure Shopfront Builder to to both send & receive data at any stage of the ordering and quotation process to your internal ERP system.

3rd Party Integration

Shopfront Builder supports interfaces to many other systems such as Ucamco Integr8tor, Farnell & Octopart (for part cost calculation), etc...

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