Digital downloads and eBooks

Offer digital downloads such as secure ePubs

Support for digital purchases allows you to offer secure, url-timed downloads to your customers in addition to standard physical product purchases.

Online Reader

ePub and similar formats can be made available to customers using an online eReader and stored in your shopfront bookshelf for purchasers to access.

App Support

iOS and Android app support for digital purchases

For ePub and other file formats, an iPhone and Android app can be used to deliver secure content from your store direct to customer devices with easy viewing.

Supported devices

iPads, iPhones and Android devices are supported, allowing you to offer an own brand app for customers to download to securely view their files.

In-app eReader

The in-app eReader is designed to allow for easy navigation within files such as ePubs and simple access to table of contents.


Track customer purchases and order progression

Shopfront Builder reports on a series of metrics designed to keep you informed on matters such as successful order conversions, popular product purchases and historical comparisons.

Dashboard access

All of your metrics and graphs are easily accessible from the dashboard screen of the Shopfront Builder control panel.


Emails are automatically sent notifying you of achieved goals and other custom events triggered by the analytics data gathering.

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